Social Justice Group

Hello everyone,
I am certain that you all have been following to some degree the grand jury decision in Ferguson.  I often wonder why police believe they should be worried about violence from young black males, when the untold story is the danger posed to law enforcement, and all of us, by the rise of right wing extremist groups who are becoming more violent and brazen every day.  The video attached shows the real face of terrorism.  Some of the images are a little unsettling, however everything is from network or cable tv news.  Should provide us with some food for our discussion. Oh and happy thanksgiving lol.

rEVILution: The Rise of Right-Wing Terrorism (Documentary)

        Also, here is a report by Lawrence O'Donnell which gives a true portrait of Darren Wilson.  

A Closer Look at Darren Wilson, Cop who Murdered Michael Brown - Lawrence O'Donnell

Hope to see everyone at out next meeting on Tuesday, December 9th!       

-David Wilcox